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To make the body more energized, eat these foods before exercise

Do you often feel tired when just starting to exercise? Maybe it's time to get used to eating first before exercising. Getting used to this, can make your body feel more energized when exercising, you know! Although eating before exercise can make your body more energized, it doesn't mean you can eat anything you want. Some types of food can actually make the stomach become sick and nauseous if consumed before exercise, especially if consumed in excess. So, pay attention to the food you consume before exercise, including the rules! Food Choices You Can Eat There are a variety of food choices that can increase your energy when you exercise, here are some of them: Protein bar Protein bars are food choices that can be consumed before or after exercise. Besides being practical for consumption, protein bars are also able to increase and restore the energy you need to exercise. This is because, this one snack contains protein and carbohydrates. You who want to make protein b
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Various Benefits of Tuna for the Fetus

Eating tuna is very good for maintaining health. This fish is one source of omega-3 fatty acids which have a variety of benefits for pregnant women and fetuses. Although there are tuna fish that are marketed in canned form, in cooking, you are advised to choose tuna that is whole and fresh. The reason is that canned tuna contains less omega-3 than fresh tuna, due to the canning process. Benefits of Consumption of Tuna during Pregnancy Thanks to the omega-3 content in it, tuna is considered very good for consumption by pregnant women, because it can provide many benefits for the health of pregnant women themselves and the fetus in the womb. The following are some of these benefits: Helps meet the nutritional needs of the fetus Not only is it known as a fish that contains omega-3 sources, tuna also has a variety of nutritional content, ranging from vitamin D, minerals, to protein in high levels. Therefore, eating tuna can help meet the nutritional needs of the fetus. Supports f

The Importance of Physical Examination of Newborns

A newborn physical examination must be done on the first day after birth. The examination includes checking vital signs including body temperature, heart rate, and breathing of the baby, length and weight, and specific examinations of vital organs of the body. A newborn physical examination is an important routine medical procedure performed by a doctor to ensure that a newborn baby is in good health. This examination is also important to detect certain conditions or diseases in your child early. Generally, a newborn physical examination is carried out in the hospital or in the maternity clinic before the mother and baby return home. Mother and Father are advised to remain in the hospital or clinic until the examination is complete, and wait for the doctor to explain the results of the examination and the condition of the Little One. If the doctor or midwife discovers problems with the baby, they will be referred for further examination and treatment. What are the physicals of a n